Our IVA debt solution is
fast, easy, and FREE!

Call the IVA Helpline: 0800 195 9399

Call the IVA Helpline: 0800 195 9399
Our IVA debt solution is
easy, tested and proven…
and it’s FREE!

Do you qualify for an IVA:

You will qualify for an IVA if you:

  • Have a disposable income of £20 a week
  • Live in England, Wales or Northern Ireland. If you live in Scotland we can arrange a Protected Trust Deed which is the Scottish equivalent of an IVA
  • Have unsecured debts of more than £6,500 which can include most personal debts such as Council Tax, credit cards, bank overdrafts, personal loans, benefits overpayments, payday loans, tax liabilities etc.
  • Have reasonable living costs and it’s worth mentioning you’re not expected to cut these costs to the bone. Your creditors realise you’re more likely to stick to the arrangement if it’s fair to you
  • Have an open and cooperative attitude
  • Owe more than you can afford to pay each month and have no assets that could be sold to pay your debt in full, excluding your home

And please remember, we have an enviable reputation for moving fast and arranging the lowest monthly payments possible for our clients. We believe that if you’re entering an IVA you don’t need the added pressure of high monthly payments. You’re our client and unlike many competitors, we don’t receive a percentage of what you pay.