Our IVA debt solution is
fast, easy, proven…
and FREE!

Call the IVA Helpline: 0800 195 9399

Call the IVA Helpline: 0800 195 9399
Our IVA debt solution is
easy, tested and proven…
and it’s FREE!

About Us

We are truly independent IVA specialists. We work to get you debt free and don’t provide information to credit reference agencies, banks, debt collectors or any other organisations which may harass you.

We comply fully with the legal and ethical standards applicable to us.

We work with a select panel of specially chosen Insolvency Practitioners (IP’s) around the UK who are sympathetic to the problems decent people face when their debts get out of hand, regardless of the reason.

We never judge or blame. We will listen attentively, answer your questions, and recommend a solution that we believe is right for you based on your individual circumstances but you will make the decisions and we will never charge our personal clients anything, so you’re always free to walk away without obligations to us at any time you choose.

We know the processes, hurdles and pitfalls with all insolvency procedures and we use that knowledge to smooth the insolvency process by collating and scrutinising the paperwork and preparing the statement of affairs and other documents which your IP will need, so that once you’ve decided to move forward, you can get there with the minimum delay or formality.

For personal customers we’re focused on assisting with an Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA) and if we don’t believe your circumstances are right for an IVA, we’ll tell you and not try to sell you some other type of arrangement that suits us but not you.

For business customers our focus is necessarily broader because there are generally more factors to consider. Nevertheless, our ethos is the same – if we can’t provide the right solution, we won’t waste your time, we’ll tell you very early on.